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About TRIG


The Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant Program will fund (10) activities supporting the TRIG Mission, Vision, and Values to improve student achievement and online test readiness. You can view the 10 Activities below, or under our "Activities" tab.

Our Goals:

1.  Provide opportunities to increase capacity to deliver personalized learning in districts and classrooms.


2. Create sustainable collaborations, increasing districts' ability to leverage actionable data, maintain reliable technology and support learning.


3. Increase the capacity of local districts to provide ubiquitous access for “Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace” learning.


In Year Four, TRIG will continue to grow infrastructure capacity, increase the focus on curriculum instruction and assessment, and provide support directly to districts in three distinct areas supported by ten statewide activities:

1. Learning 

          A. Classroom Readiness 

          B. Assessment and Curriculum

          C. Targeted Site Transformation 

2. Data

           A. MTRAx

           B. Data Integration

           C. Data Service Collaborative

3. Access

           A. SEN

           B. E-Rate 

           C. Device Purchasing

           D. Strategic Readiness Support