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MDE: Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability Articles

MDE Spotlight on Student Assessment & Accountability
Excerpt from March 24, 2016 
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A Message on the Recent House Sub-Committee Action  
This week, the House budget subcommittee amended the MDE budget to discontinue M-STEP and redirected those funds to purchase a yet-to-be-determined computer adaptive interim solution for the state assessment. The bill also eliminated funding of the SAT. Obviously, the budget process is relatively long and has many steps. The MDE is reviewing the bill and its implications and will be working to advise the legislature as it moves forward and considers the assessment options. 

Superintendent Brian Whiston has been engaged in ongoing discussions with stakeholders and has committed to using the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) process to outline an assessment vision going forward. 

As the budget outcome won't be finalized until late May or June, it is very important that local districts administer the Spring 2016 M-STEP and SAT as planned, to ensure ongoing data and support for their students and teachers; and to comply with state and federal law.   
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MDE Spotlight on Student Assessment & Accountability
Article taken from the March 17th, 2016 issue of Spotlight.

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Downloading Online Test Content 
Test content for M-STEP, MI-Access, and the K-2 field test is downloaded to your Testing Site Manager (TSM). This is your local cached copy, saving you bandwidth during testing. That content is saved securely until the testing window opens, and then it is sent to students' testing computers when they log in. 

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