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Frequently Asked Questions 2016
Updated April 13, 2016


Where can I download the latest version of the INSIGHT iPad application?

From the Apple AppStore.

Why are my iPad testers getting a warning message about iOS 9.3?

An update to the iPad operating system was released on Monday, March 21, 2016. Quality Assurance (QA) testing to verify that INSIGHT still operates as expected can take up to 30 days after the public release of an operating system update. Until that is done and iOS 9.3 is officially supported, iPad users who have updated to 9.3 will receive a warning message when using INSIGHT. Students can click through this message to continue into testing.

I received my grades 5, 8 and 11 M-STEP materials, when will I receive the other grade levels?

M-STEP materials are scheduled to arrive in schools approximately two weeks before the appropriate grade-level testing window. • Grades 3 and 6 materials should arrive April 11 – April 12, 2016 • Grades 4 and 7 materials should arrive April 25 - April 26, 2016 The shipment dates were selected in order to provide schools adequate opportunity to inventory and place additional material orders prior to the start of the grade-level testing window while limiting the amount of time secure materials must be stored in schools.

When will I receive the script for the Performance Task?

There has never been a script for the Performance Task. Last year, Classroom Activities were an in-class scripted activity that preceded the Performance Tasks. Classroom Activities have been eliminated for the 2016 M-STEP as it was determined the Performance Tasks provided the necessary supports for students. For 2016, M-STEP English language arts (ELA) tests in grades 5 and 8 continue to include the Performance Task. Performance Tasks are part of all grades in M-STEP mathematics. ELA does include a listening section and for paper/pencil testers—a listening script (or CD) is required. The listening items are embedded in the online ELA assessments and students will require headphones.

Can more than one grade level be tested in a room for the initial testing? What about the makeup testing?

Due to differences in test directions, grade levels may not be mixed for the initial testing. As long as directions are read to students separately by grade level, students may be placed in a mixed grade-level room for make-up testing after the directions have been read.

My students are all testing online, why did I receive return materials for paper/pencil testing?

Most online schools will test a few students with paper/pencil tests due to assigned accommodations and/or designated supports. Often these materials are ordered during the Additional Material Order window. Last year we found many schools did not order return materials and this resulted in the late return of materials. Since fees are imposed for the late return of materials, each school receiving an initial order of materials also received a Return Kit regardless of their online or paper/pencil status.

When I am ordering WorkKeys test booklets, how do I order answer documents?

When you place an order for WorkKeys test booklets, the system will automatically include an answer document.

Since the online ELA and math test will be computer adaptive, will students get test questions that are above or below their grade level?

No, all test questions are 100% aligned to Michigan’s academic content standards by grade. Students will not encounter test questions above or below their current grade level.

How often are pre-identified students loaded into eDIRECT from the Secure Site?

Students pre-identified in the Secure Site AND identified for online testing are loaded into eDIRECT for MI-Access and/or M-STEP at 6:00 AM and 10:30 AM, Monday through Friday.

Can you clarify the subjects and grade levels for Read-Aloud Accommodations/designated support for both M-STEP paper/pencil and online?


  • Reading aloud the M-STEP ELA Reading passages can be done in grades 6–8 as an Accommodation (need outlined in IEP/504).
  • Reading aloud the M-STEP ELA Reading passages CANNOT be done in grades 3–5.
  •  Reading aloud the Performance Task Source Materials is a Designated Support in all grade levels for both M-STEP ELA and mathematics

Why is TTS only available for M-STEP ELA grades 6–8 as an accommodation but not allowed in other grades?

There are two TTS options available for the M-STEP assessments:

  • TTSPassage is an accommodation only available for M-STEP ELA in grades 6-8 when the IEP/504 team determines that a Reading passage should be read aloud to the student. It is not available as an accommodation for students in grades 3–5 as it violates the construct being measured.
  • TTS is available as a Designated Support for all M-STEP grades and subject areas. This option does not read aloud Reading passages if selected for M-STEP ELA. TTS only reads aloud items, answer choices, and source materials for the performance tasks.