For Teachers

Talking Points for Teachers as of January 16, 2014


State Education Network

icon  A common backbone between all k12 buildings increases the likelihood that a teacher can move from one building to another with the same access to her/his files.
icon  Ensure that building-level tech support resources can focus more on teachers’ needs and less on basic network management.
icon  Enhance our networks by connecting them provides more routes for data traffic and helps ensure that connections remain fast and reliable.


Device Purchasing

icon  Next purchase window will be incentivized and is anticipated to open in April 2014 and run through at least the middle of July 2014. The devices that will be eligible for incentives will be finalized in January 2014. $7,000,000 has been set aside for incentives for the Spring 2014 bid.
icon  The Apple PD sessions conducted in November and December were well-received. Additional Apple PD sessions are being planned for the Spring. Professional development for districts purchasing devices from Dell and Sehi in Summer 2013 is in the planning stages and will most likely take place this Spring.


icon  The instructional staff of a school or district has become, in many circumstances, dependent on the availability of data communications and Internet Access.  Utilizing the E-Rate Activity schools/districts will be able to provide the Internet Access bandwidth needed for online assessments and that will enhance the educational process year round.  In addition, the data connectivity resources that can, if needed, be acquired will allow for more efficient reliable connections to the instructional resources available to teachers and staff.

Data Systems Integration

icon  The Data Integration project is an important step in helping to provide teachers with the information that they need to make informed decisions to help improve student learning.  As we are able to integrate information from a variety of systems, we can provide dashboards to teachers that will deliver a more complete view of student strengths and weaknesses.  These dashboards are expected to be piloted in the 2014-15 school year.
icon  Current project status:
•  Developing connectors for the six identified Student Information Systems
•  Designing a web-based administrative application which will allow districts to monitor and manage their integrations
•  Planning to begin developing connectors for Special Education and Data Warehouse systems in the next two months


Michigan Technology Readiness Tool (MTRAx)

icon  MTRAx is being further developed with instructional enhancements to be used to assist in the determination of the readiness of teachers and students for online assessments.  Further updates will follow as the work progresses.  Targeted rollout for these enhancements is spring of 2014.

Classroom Readiness

icon  Classroom Readiness is gearing up for year two. We are currently working on the Application Process for participation for districts/buildings. The hope is for this to go out the end of January. The pre-assessment data from teachers who took the pre-assessment survey in September-November will be distributed at the end of January/beginning of February. The Regional Coordinator will schedule meetings with Building Coaches and Administrators to share the data.

Assessment & Curriculum

icon  There is a series of webinars being developed throughout this year to help teachers identify how to make immediate impacts on their classroom instruction through assessment results. These webinars will address assessment best practices, balanced assessment systems, and how to use assessment data to support instruction. These webinars are being housed on and the links are also available on