TST EdTech Blog

TST EdTech Blog and Newsletter

In an effort to quickly provide information to our TST teachers, the Genesee ISD educational technology team has decided to create a new blog/newsletter. We hope this blog will keep educators up-to-date with the latest news related to educational technology and that the information we share will be useful for educators, as well as students.

Why a blog?

We understand that different people prefer to receive information in different ways. Some like reading websites/blogs, while others prefer emails. Using this blog, we are actually able to meet the reading preferences of everyone. As a subscriber, you will receive a weekly email with the week’s blog posts. If you prefer, you can bookmark the blog or add it to your RSS feed. Whatever the case, we will be posting what we think is of value to you.

Check out the blog here: https://targetedsitetransformation.wordpress.com/