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Targeted Site Transformation


Consortium: Greater Michigan Education Consortium - Genesee ISD




TST Calendar of Events

The goal of the TRIG Targeted Site Transformation (TST) activity is to help transform schools into 1-to-1 learning environments where best practices of 21st century instruction and learning can occur. This activity will continue the work of the Whole School Technology Transformation (WSTT) grant, which funded the transformation of fourteen sites (approximately 5,000 students) across Michigan during the 2014-15 school year. TST has a target of reaching 2,000 students and will partner with each site to ensure (1) a robust wireless network (for both coverage and density), (2) classroom technology, (3) a mobile device for every student and teacher and (4) professional development and support for teachers.

TST Sites:


  • Fowlerville Junior High (Fowlerville Community Schools) - Kent ISD
  • Star Elementary (Hastings Area School System) - SWMI
  • Superior Hills (Marquette Area Public Schools) - RNM
  • Kuehn-Haven Middle School (Montrose Community Schools) - GMEC
  • Lakeview Elementary School (Negaunee Public Schools) - RNM
  • Perry Middle School (Perry Public Schools) - GMEC
  • Shelby High School (Shelby Public Schools) - IMC
  • Stockbridge High School (Stockbridge Community Schools) - GMEC

Round 2 - Selection Process:


  • 86 total applications (GMEC - 35, IMC - 9, Kent ISD - 16, RNMC - 17, SWMI - 9)
  • Used a double-blind selection process:
    • 1st Review:
      • The same statewide team that reviewed the current five (5) TST sites (with representation from each TRIG consortium) was provided 10-12 random applications to review (with school name, district, ISD, consortium, etc. redacted) to look at application data, overall readiness, implementation plan, etc.
      • The team reviewed their respective applications and made a top recommendation list
    • 2nd Review:
    • A second team reviewed the top recommendation list (again with information redacted) and ranked them top-to-bottom
    • From the second blind review, three (3) sites were selected