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State Education Network


Consortium: Greater Michigan Education Consortium - Genesee ISD



About the SEN Design

TRIG supports the implementation of online testing which will increase computer traffic to and from each K-12 building in the state. The goal of the SEN Design (establish a State-wide Educational Network or SEN) is to connect 100% of ISDs, LEAs and PSAs with the networking capacity needed to handle the increased traffic.  The SEN will also lay the foundation for greater state-wide resource sharing between these entities.  The SEN committee will work with ISDs,  LEAs and PSAs to determine the best way to leverage existing networks, data centers and grant funds to meet the new networking demands and improve opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing.



  • Districts will see improved access to bandwidth and data center resources along with more efficient processes for collaboration and resource sharing.
  • The SEN will provide a shared intranet backbone connecting all schools.  
  • Seamless connections between K-12 facilities will enable more collaboration and resource sharing.


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