Update to MTRAx 2016

CSV Import User Guide



The MTRAx Team is pleased to announce that new functionality has been implemented in the system to facilitate data collection.  Based on user feedback, we have implemented functionality to bulk import Device Profiles into MTRAx, allowing for updates to your data without the need to edit each profile individually in the application.  Users can choose to edit their existing Device Profiles or add new Device Profiles to their existing data using Append functionality, or replace all Device Profiles in the system for their district using Overwrite functionality.  A detailed user guide for this functionality is available in the Resources page in MTRAx, accessible at the upper right on the MTRAx home screen.

As always, the MTRAx team is available to assist with any questions related to this new functionality or any support that may be required to assist with data collection.  To contact the MTRAx Team, click the Support link at the upper right of the MTRAx home screen or email us directly at mtraxsupport@22itrig.org.