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Advisory Committee



The Michigan Technology Readiness Tool Advisory Committee is responsible for overseeing the day to day activities associated with the development, testing and deployment of the MTRAx application.  This committee will work directly with the Activity Project Manager as well as any workgroups formed throughout the project to provide direction and oversight.


The current membership of the MTRAx Advisory Committee is:

  • Robert Frost - Tuscola ISD - Greater Michigan Educational Consortium
  • Randy Crozier - Menominee County ISD - Rural Northern Michigan Consortium
  • Gayle Underwood - Allegan ESA -  Southwest Michigan Consortium
  • Glen Finkel - Kent ISD - Kent ISD Consortium
  • Renee Van Allen - Kingston Community Schools - Greater Michigan Educational Consortium
  • Kevin Bullard - Kalamazoo RESA - Southwest Michigan Consortium
  • Dana Houseman - Godwin Schools -  Kent ISD Consortium
  • Mark Christoff -  Delta Schoolcraft ISD - Rural Northern Michigan Consortium