About MTRAx

TRIG's MTRAx Activity

This activity was created to establish a state-wide technology readiness planning process through the deployment of the Michigan Technology Readiness Tool (MTRAx) to all schools (LEAs, PSAs and ISDs) in the state.

The MTRAx application uses data about the technology device and network environment provided by each district to gauge that district's readiness for online testing at the building, district and ISD level based on predetermined criteria for the requirements for online testing (e.g. number and specification of devices available, network bandwidth and others). MTRAx also provides on-demand data update and reporting capabilities, as well as a 'sandbox' tool to allow districts to model the impact of hypothetical changes to their environments and see the impact of those changes on their readiness status.

The MTRAx team also includes workgroups who are continually developing key enhancements to the application.  The Technology Planning Workgroup seeks to redefine the technology planning process for Michigan schools.  This new process is intended to be a meaningful, data driven process which closely aligns to the existing School Improvement process.  Look for future updates regarding the progress of the development and rollout of the new technology planning process in Michigan.

The Instructional Measures workgroup seeks to develop enancements to MTRAx which will assist schools in the assessment of the readiness of their students and teachers for online testing.  This enhancement is also currently in development, check back for future updates.


  • Clear indication of the readiness of ISDS, LEAs and PSAs on the readiness status
  • On-demand update and reporting capabilities
  • Modeling tools for scenario-based planning
  • Future enhancements related to technology planning and instructional measures