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Michigan Technology Readiness Assessment Tool (MTRAx)


Consortium: Kent ISD


2016 MTRAx Data Collection Window

TRIG and the MDE are pleased to announce that this year’s MTRAx data collection window will be October 6th through December 16th, 2016. 

Click here for MDE Memorandom: 2016-17 School Year MTRAx Data Collection


Ready to start?  Access MTRAx here:

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  • MTRAx is the only reporting tool available statewide that informs districts on the readiness of their infrastructure for online assessments.
  • MTRAx data and reports have been successfully used by districts around the State to determine gaps in readiness, and remediate those issues prior to assessment.
  • MTRAx data will be used for many purposes throughout the MI education community including:
    • State Level:  informing ESSA, Top 10 in 10 and the Statewide Educational Technology Plan
    • Local reporting to administrations and school boards
    • Planning for infrastructure investments in local districts
    • Use in District and School Improvement Plans within ASSIST
  • As this is the final year of the TRIG program, updated MTRAx data will provide an excellent summary of the progress of the Grant, including in reporting to the State legislature.

Please remember that accurately reporting your data in MTRAx is critical in ensuring that the readiness reports generated by the system are accurate and actionable, as well as ensuring that the statewide data provided to the MDE provides an accurate portrayal of the readiness of district infrastructure around the State.

The MTRAx team stands ready and looks forward to supporting districts in this year’s data collection effort. Go here to get started: