Funding Year 2016 Issues

E-Rate Funding Year 2016 Issues

As new Funding Year 2016 E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) issues arise, they will be posted here and on the erateinfo Listserv. (To subscribe to the listserv, see instructions posted at Items that are resolved will be noted as such. Issues are listed in chronological order with the most recent issues at the top.

As of June 13, 2016


Form 498 instructions courtesy Janelle Morgan (Elite Fund) and Chris Owen (Convergent Technology Partners).

Known issues as of May 19, 2016


  • Error when attempting to open a 471 Draft PDF form document - damaged

  • 471 slowness issues over the past few days

  • Account Administrator cannot access options on the “Related Actions” page due to “An Error Has Occurred” when accessing this page

  • Responding to any of the currently displayed PIA questions and then hitting the “Submit” button results in all of the listed PIA questions being submitted (remaining questions as “no response”) and removing all of the previously displayed PIA questions from the list.

  • Great confusion over PIA communications, how the PIA questions screen works and not knowing how to look at previously submitted PIA responses

  • Various errors occurring on the PIA questions screen preventing applicants from responding to PIA questions

How to find PIA questions

If you do not see PIA questions when you login to EPC:

  • Go to your landing page

  • Click on your organization name under "My Entities"

  • Click on "FCC Forms" in the left menu bar

  • Use the Drop Down to select "FCC Form 471"

  • Click on the application number

  • Select "Review Inquiries" from the left hand menu

  • You are now at your Review Inquiries Page and can select the link at the top that says "Respond to Inquiries"

  • Click on the text found in the Name box.  It will turn red and then open up to reveal your questions