Spring 2016 Value Adds

In addition to the great discounts, several vendors are also offering value-adds ranging from professional development to personal purchase programs to onsite spares. Click to see a summary of the value-adds offered by each awarded vendor. (Note: The professional development based on the number of devices purchased will be aggregated and the TRIG PD Coordinator will manage the distribution and scheduling of the professional development.) 

Personal Purchase Program Info

Several of the vendors are offering discounts on devices purchased for personal use. Teachers, other school staff, families and students may take advantage of these offers. Netech is offering discounts on their consumer line of Dell computers. Inacomp, Sehi and Troxell are offering the same devices that they have on the TRIG bid at the same price as the schools are getting. For personal purchases, sales tax will be charged and there may be a credit card fee, but the discounts are substantial. For access information for all four vendor portals, click on the printable flyer link. Printable Flyer

For several of these vendors, you are required to set up an account in order to access their personal purchase program website. In order to make it easier for you, they have provided flyers that show what they're offering, so you can review those first and then determine which vendor you'd like to purchase from. Click on the links below to access the flyers.

Inacomp Personal Purchase Program Flyer

Sehi Personal Purchase Program Flyer

Troxell Personal Purchase Program Flyer (coming soon)

Questions about program should be sent to spot@remc.org. For questions about the devices, contact the vendor.