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Spring 2015 Bid Results


Thank you for helping make the TRIG Spring 2015 Device Purchasing Window an extraordinary success! The 2015 Device Purchasing Window ran from 4/15/2015 – 9/30/2015. 

Snapshot of 2015 TRIG Bid


  • Over $67 million was spent by local districts and intermediate school districts on 174,763 personal learning devices and desktops that meet the MDE requirements for devices used for online assessments and accessories.
  • The $67 million spent on devices represents a savings of over $40.5 million in additional discounts obtained due to the larger purchase volume resulting from a Statewide Device Purchasing Program.
  • Above and beyond the discounts, the MDE provided $6 million to Copper Country ISD to distribute as incentive funding to districts based on the number of devices purchased.

2015 TRIG Bid Results Summary


Results Total

Purchasing Districts/ISDs (TRIG Participants)

  • 48 ISDs
  • 415 Districts




Total # of Devices Purchased (TRIG Participants)

  • 151,836 Personal Learning Devices
  • 22,927 Desktops
Total Sales @ Ed List Price (TRIG Participants)
Total Device Sales @ Bid Price (TRIG Participants)
Total Savings from Discounts (TRIG Participants)

Incentives Distributed (TRIG Participants)

  • $40.36 per personal learning device
  • $20.20 per desktop
Professional Development Value (All)


By device type, the quantities purchased were:


And for those of you who like even more detail, here are the numbers by OS and form factors/screen sizes:


2013-2015 Cost Savings Summary

Over the course of the past three years, the Device Purchasing Activity of TRIG has enabled districts across the state to purchase almost 379,000 devices for less than $151 million- a savings of over 35%. Additionally, $18 million in incentives was distributed to districts participating in TRIG based on the number of devices purchased.

2015 Incentives

Devices purchased through 8/14/2015 were eligible for incentive funds. Based on the final numbers for the 2015 TRIG Bid, the incentive per personal learning device is $40.36 and the incentive per desktop is $20.20. Incentive checks were distributed by Copper Country ISD the week of 11/24/2014. Incentive funds can be spent on any technology-related purchases and must be spent by 6/30/2016.

For specific questions about spending 2015 incentive funds, please email Dave Cairy at dcairy@gomasa.org.   

2016 TRIG Bid

Planning for the 2016 TRIG Bid is underway and more information will be released as it is finalized. For your planning purposes, the purchasing window will be open mid to late April through September.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email spot@remc.org.