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Spring 2015 Purchasing Info

2015 Bid Purchasing Info

The Device Purchasing Window is open as of 4/15/15!

All public, public school academies and non-public K-12 and pre-school buildings, districts, intermediate school districts and Michigan public libraries are eligible to purchase using the 2015 TRIG Bid Contract.

There are 36 devices and related accessories and upgrades available this year. To view the catalog, go to the TRIG Catalog in SPOT and select one of the categories on the left to view the items. You can also use the subcategories to narrow down the list. A spreadsheet of the catalog items has also been created for your convenience. This spreadsheet contains information about all awarded items including devices, accessories and upgrades. The accessories and upgrades are listed under the device to which they are related. 

Remember that to receive the bid pricing and the incentive funding, you must have a SPOT account and upload your purchase orders through SPOT. Information on setting up an account and purchasing through SPOT can be found in the SPOT FAQs.

Districts participating in TRIG that purchase devices through SPOT by 11:59 PM on August 14, 2015 will be eligible for incentives. This year $6,000,000 has been allocated for device incentives. A full incentive allotment will be given for each mobile device and an amount half of the mobile device incentive will be given for each desktop.

Based on the 2015 forecasting and the amount that the 2014 purchases exceeded the 2014 forecast numbers, we ESTIMATE that the incentives will be $38 per mobile device and $19 per desktop. This is only an ESTIMATE. The actual incentive amounts will be based on the total number of devices purchased and will not be calculated until October or November 2015 after final vendor reports are submitted and verified. If you are using the potential device incentives for budgeting purposes, we strongly recommend that you estimate very CONSERVATIVELY. 

The purchase window will remain open until 11:59 PM on 9/30/15 with the bid pricing still available, but purchases made from August 15, 2015 – September 30, 2015 will not be eligible for incentives.

In addition to the great discounts, several vendors are also offering value-adds ranging from professional development to personal purchase programs to onsite spares. Click here for a summary of the value-adds offered by vendor. (Note: The professional development based on the number of devices purchased will be aggregated and the TRIG PD Coordinator will manage the distribution and scheduling of the professional development.) 

Any questions should be sent to .
Happy Shopping!