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Spring 2015 Incentives

Device Incentives are back for spring 2015!


This year, $6,000,000 has been made available by the State through TRIG for device purchases made during the 22i TRIG Spring 2015 Purchasing Window, which is currently scheduled to run from 4/15/2015 through 8/14/2015. Note that the purchase window will extend through 9/30/2015, BUT devices purchased after 11:59 PM Eastern on 8/14/2015 will NOT be eligible for incentives.

The $6,000,000 will be distributed as follows:

  • Each mobile learning device (notebooks, tablets) purchased will be eligible for one incentive allocation.
  • Incentives for desktops purchased will be 50% of the incentive allocated for mobile devices.
  • The incentive amount will not exceed $100 for a mobile device or $50 for a desktop.
  • No accessories will be eligible for an incentive.
  • Final incentive amounts will not be calculated until after the purchase window has closed and the total number of devices purchased across the state has been confirmed. The $6,000,000 will then be divided across all eligible devices as noted above.
  • Incentive checks will be calculated and verified by the RNMC and checks will be issued by Copper Country ISD in November 2015.

NOTE: In order to qualify for the incentives, device purchases MUST be made through the SPOT website at http://remcbids.org. More information on SPOT can be found at http://22itrig.org/activities/activity-four/spot-faqs/.