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SCECH Info & Forms

SCECH Info and Forms

SCECHs (6 total for each course) are available for the Dell virtual courses. The necessary forms can be found below. Please follow the instructions on each form and return them to your course instructor.

*Note that all forms must be signed with a handwritten signature; typed-in signatures cannot not be accepted.

Questions may be directed to Summer Franck (

For PD Participants (Educators)

If you participated in a virtual PD session offered through TRIG as part of the Device Purchasing activity and wish to receive SCECHs, you must submit a completed SCECH form for your PD session.

Please click on the course title below for the cooresponding SCECH form.

Google Courses

Introduction to Applying Google Apps for Education

Intermediate Google for Learning

Advanced Google for Learning

Literacy Instruction & Technology

Introductory Practices in Literacy Instruction & Technology

Advanced Practices in Literacy Instruction & Technology

Personalized & Blended Learning

Personalized & Blended Learning for All Students

Intermediate Application of Personalized & Blended Learning

Refining Curriculum with Deeper Learning in Mind (XBL)

Social Media

Professional Development Through Social Media

Intermediate Social Media: Improving Student Learning and Management

Advanced Social Media: Improving Student Learning and Management


Design Thinking Made Practical

Authentic Student Learning and Gamification

Leading a Culture of Change in Your School

Office 365