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Year 2 – TRIG Data Service Collaboratives

Year 2 – TRIG Data Service Collaboratives

Awarded Projects


Data Office – Green Pupil Accounting

Fiscal: Wexford Missaukee ISD
Project Funding: 100% - $198,500.00

Wexford-Missaukee ISD will expand the green pupil accounting system developed and piloted during year 1 of the data service collaboratives grant. The green pupil accounting system initiative improves efficiency and saves resources, while improving data quality in schools. During Year 1 of the Green pupil accounting system project, the data support office worked with local auditors to refine the reporting process, and expanded this work to include more diverse testing and implementation across the region. This work will continue during year 2, partnering with MDE to ensure viability with a goal of serving as the statewide model for paperless auditing. Wexford-Missaukee ISD will continue to invest in training for staff in the learning management system (e.g. Moodle, Classroom),developing reports for the supported data systems, and provide training for the local district end users.  In addition, they will continue the development of a shared document system (e.g. Google Apps) that will allow local schools to house and share forms not able to be developed within each SIS.

For more information please contact Kevin Bullard, Shared Services Coordinator/TRIG DSC Project Manager or Tom Johnson, Chief Information Officer Wexford Missaukee ISD/Educational Technology Association.

Return on Investment Study 

To view the Green Pupil Accounting and Auditing Return on Investment (ROI) Study from May 2017, click here.



Fiscal: Mecosta Osceola Intermediate School District
Project Funding: Partial Funding - $964,548 (with stipulation)

Mecosta Osceola ISD (in partnership with Kent ISD) will expand and further develop the EdiFy pilot awarded in year 1 of the DSC grant.  Year 2 funding expands the system’s impact by increasing accessibility statewide, by collaborating and integrating with other TRIG initiatives. The project focuses on improving and optimizing previous investment. Examples include course conversion to meet 21f requirements, development of MSTEP-style assessment question formats, ability to differentiate student lessons for RTI/MTSS, build SAT prep course and enhance SAT GAP analysis tool. All activities will integrate into other TRIG funded projects as a way to build overall statewide capacity in a cost-effective manner.

For more information please contact Karen Roy, Director of Special Projects Mecosta Osceola ISD or Kevin Bullard, Shared Services Coordinator/TRIG DSC Project Manager.


Science Assessments

Fiscal: Wexford Missaukee Intermediate school district
Project Funding: $419,500

The intra-Michigan Consortium (on behalf of Wexford Missaukee ISD) will partner with the Central Michigan Science, Mathematics, Technology Center (SMTC) and the Gratiot-Isabella Regional Education Service District (GIRESD) to organize educators around the state to undertake a process of developing next generation assessments for science centered around the new Michigan Science Standards (MSS), titled Three-dimensional Science Performance Assessments (3dSPA). Utilizing the experience of the project managers of the Performance Assessments of Social Studies Thinking (PASST) project who have worked on developing next generation assessments for social studies to help mentor the facilitators through the process, this project will create classroom assessments that align to the MSS with the intention of housing the finished testlets in IlluminatED, and potentially other data systems shared state-wide.

For more information please contact Lisa Lockman, Director of General Education Wexford Missaukee ISD or Kevin Bullard, Shared Services Coordinator/TRIG DSC Project Manager.


Collaborative Purchasing

Fiscal: Genesee Intermediate School District
Project Funding: $267,604 (with stipulation)

This award will be a “continuation” of the Year One Data Service Collaboratives (DSC) the Greater Michigan Education Consortium (GMEC) applied to lead a collaborative purchasing project in partnership with the Regional Educational Media Center (REMC) Association. In year 1, this collaborative led to two collective bids on behalf of all K-12 schools in Michigan for content filtering and alert notification systems. Both of these bids were very successful. Thanks to this collaborative many districts were able to purchase these solutions at costs below $1/student. The alert notification system bid also provided discounts to districts. Based on the success in the first year, GMEC is requesting additional funding from Year Two of DSC to continue further statewide bids for software solutions that can benefit schools across Michigan.

For more information please contact Luke Wittum, Assistant Superintendent Technology and Media Services, Genesee Intermediate School district or Kevin Bullard, Shared Services Coordinator/TRIG DSC Project Manager.


MiCase Consortium  

Fiscal: Kalamazoo RESA (on behalf of MiCase Consortium)
Project Funding: $267,604

As schools continue to be challenged to produce improved results with fewer resources, the Michigan Collaborative Administrative Solutions for Education (MiCase) Consortium strives to help districts, ISDs and RESAs through the use of Information Systems to drive collaboration and consolidation of services. MiCase currently serves eight ISDs/RESAs and over 70 public and private school districts in Michigan. The MiCase Business Office Suite, which consists of Financial Accounting, HR and Payroll, is the primary financial system for approximately 50 districts (serving over 85,000 students) within the consortium. The system is currently a Windows based application that is installed and running at each local district. The system does an excellent job of handling many business office tasks and is especially good at handling the myriad of changes to state reporting, retirement, and other mandated needs. The MiCase development staff has begun development of a fully web-based replacement of these Windows based applications, MiSuite; the fact that MiSuite is web-based allows for anytime, anywhere access as long as there is Internet connectivity. The new system will facilitate consolidated services and provide operational efficiencies and allow for integrations with third party applications such as OnBase enterprise content management by Hyland and EmpCenter time and attendance by WorkForce.

The goal of this grant is to complete the development of the MiSuite business office suite, providing a fully web-based Human Resources (HR), Payroll and Financial Accounting (FA) solution for school districts within the MiCase consortium. Also, we propose to enhance and expand the use of two third-party web-based systems that integrate with and increase the value of the MiSuite system:  the EmpCenter Time and Attendance System from WorkForce and the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) system from Hyland.

For more information please contact Scott Williams, MiCase Interim Executive Director or Kevin Bullard, Shared Services Coordinator/TRIG DSC Project Manager.