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Open Badges

In this digital age, educators are continuously increasing their skills and accomplishments with activities that happen online (webinars, online courses, etc…) or outside of their classroom.

Digital Badges provide teachers with a tangible reward that acknowledges an achievement, whether it is a skill, competency, or completed task.

A team from SWMI has been piloting a project for educators to earn digital badges to indicate an accomplishment or skill. was created to issue digital badges and allow teachers to promote their educational growth by displaying their badges in a digital backpack. 

So far, approximately 400 educators have joined with almost 200 teachers earning a digital badge for completing the Online Assessment Awareness course at  Over 70 Science teachers from Allegan County have earned digital badges for their work with Van Andel Education Institute and transforming their Science lessons to engage students in scientific inquiry.

What’s next? Educators from around Michigan will be trained on using digital badges for professional development and for classroom use with students.  You can expect to see digital badges being used around the state as more organizations see the benefits of recognizing ‘Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace’ teaching and learning.