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Recorded Trainings

Please click the links below to view the recorded online trainings:

Data Hub 101 - Cockpit Application and Data Integration Overview


  • Single Sign-On Access
  • Cockpit Navigation
  • Agreements
  • User Management
  • Inbound Integrations
  • Outbound Integrations
  • API Integrations
  • Build Process
  • Reports

Recording from Monday, April 24th 9-10am Data Hub 101 Session
Recording from Wednesday, April 26th 3-4pm Data Hub 101 Session

Data Hub 102 - Data Hub Dashboards and EWS


  • Single Sign-On Access
  • Cockpit Roles
  • Helpful cockpit reports - At-A-Glance, Role Validation and Dashboard Readiness
  • District Level Access
  • School Level Access
  • Teacher Access
  • Early Warning System
  • Intervention Catalog

Recording from Monday, April 24th 1-2pm Data Hub 102 Session
Recording from Friday, April 28th 11am-12pm Data Hub 102 Session

Data Hub 103 - Flexible Export Creation and Management


  • Logging into the cockpit
  • User Requirements
  • Accessing the Tool
  • Create a Wizard-based export
  • Creating a SQL-based export
  • Multi-File capability
  • Scheduling exports for automation
  • Submitting exports for approval
  • Use of the tool for data validation

Recording from Monday, April 24th 3-4pm Data Hub 103 Session
Recording from Friday, April 28th 1-2pm Data Hub 103 Session

SSRS - SQL Server Reporting Services


Recording from SRSS Reporting and Query Training