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Creating and Configuring an API Integration - This document provides the steps for creating an API Integration.

Electronically Signing the Data Hosting Agreement - This document will provide instructions on how to electronically sign the data hosting agreement.

Designating a District Superintendent Proxy - This document will provide instructions on how to designate a proxy for the superintendent for the purposes of signing the data hosting agreement.

MI File Transfer - This utility will allow for users to setup the transfer of Ed-Fi XML files to the data hubs and can be scheduled to run silently.  A readme file is included.

Dashboard Photo Management - This document will show how to upload photos for use in the Ed-Fi Dashboards.  

Dashboard Metrics - This details how the metrics are computed for the Ed-Fi Dashboards

Dashboard Quick-Start Guide - This gives a good overview of how to use the dashboards.

Phase 7 Items - Documentation for Phase 7 features.

NWEA Permission to Release Data fillable .pdf form.

Solar Winds Helpdesk - How to create a query.