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Advisory Committee





The advisory committee for EduPaths will work collaboratively create capacity across the state of Michigan in the use of EduPaths as well as function as a decision making group for EduPaths.  The advisory is comprised of ISD/RESD/RESA representatives.  


Pictured from left to right

Rural Northern Michigan Consortium:            

Marianna Ripple - EUPISD                  mripple@eupschools.org                 

Gaby Eyzaguirre - MARESA                gaby.eyzaguirre@gmail.com                  

Southwest Michigan Consortium               

Joe Rommel - Berrian RESA                 joe.rommel@berrienresa.org                    

Tina Tribu - KRESA                                  tina.tribu@kresa.org                        

Intra-Michigan Consortium                     

Kim Rinehart - Manistee ISD                  krinehart@manistee.org                   

Heidi Hayes - WMISD                              heidi.hayes@wmisd.org

Greater Michigan Educational Consortium:

Anupam Chugh - Wayne RESA              chugha@resa.net   

Aaron Schippert - SISD                             aschippert@sisd.cc

Kent Consortium

Jan Finkel - Kent ISD                              janfinkel@kentisd.org

Michelle Gray - Kent ISD                        michellegray@kentisd.org