Open Educational Resources

Become a #GoOpen district!

MEMORANDUM DATE:   July 14, 2016

TO:   Local and Intermediate School District Superintendents Public School Academy Directors

FROM:   Venessa A. Keesler, Ph.D., Deputy Superintendent Division of Educator, Student, and School Supports

SUBJECT:   Call for #GoOpen Districts


The U.S. Department of Education’s #GoOpen campaign encourages educators to use openly-licensed resources in teaching, learning, and assessing. Open education resources (OERs) are materials that are freely available online for everyone to use and openly licensed. Some examples include full courses, digital assets (images, video, audio), learning activities, course modules, and games. In replacing traditional textbooks with OERs, schools are no longer constrained by their budgets which may limit access to high quality, up-to-date content. Switching to OERs allows districts to reallocate funds for other purposes, such as investing in the transition to digital learning and supporting technology infrastructure for transformational learning.

In February 2016, Michigan committed to becoming a #GoOpen state, supporting school districts and educators as they transition to the use of high-quality, openly-licensed resources. The Michigan Department of Education is looking for districts that would like to become #GoOpen districts. #GoOpen districts will:

  • Identify a team to develop a strategy for OER implementation;
  • Commit to replace at least one traditional textbook with openly-licensed educational materials;
  • And document and share their implementation process.

To learn more about the #GoOpen campaign, visit A #GoOpen District Launch Packet is available at If you are interested in signing up to become a Michigan #GoOpen District, please email Ann-Marie Mapes,