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Frequently Asked Questions:

Status of Books: The writers are winding down their writing work, and the editors are gearing up.  The editors have been working over the last few months, and will continue to do so over the next month.  In addition, the books will undergo a content review by some of the state content organizations.  In June and July the books will be assembled and distributed in mid-August.  This has been the schedule all along, and we are right on track.
Where will I get these when they're done? You're already on the ListServ, so you'll get an announcement here, but the main website ( will house the ability to get the final copies of the books.  Bookmark the pages for the book(s) you're interested in and visit it often in July and August for updates.

What's coming up next?  37 teachers have been assembled across five different teams.  Next year we will work on 3rd grade Michigan Studies, 7th Grade Ancient World History, 8th Grade US History (Revolution to Reconstruction), HS US History (Reconstruction to Today), and HS Civics.
Will there be a preview of the interactive content for "non Apple" devices?  Not officially this year - we would rather finish the books and get them out on time.  Some of the interactive content will appear on our website (Grade level pages) if you'd like to test any of it out in advance.

Links go dead, and I noticed you're relying on links in the textbook to take students to outside content.  Does that mean the book will be obsolete right out of the gate?  Any outside link will be in the form of a "redirect" where the books take students to our website and redirect from there.  Should a link go dead it can be replaced as soon as the problem is brought to our attention and students won't have to download a new copy of the book when the fix is made.

I'm not 1:1 - Does that count me out?  The student text will be available in a printable PDF form.
What will these work on?  Officially supported devices are:  Chrome Books (through Chrome with Readium extension installed), Windows Devices (Through Adobe Reader/Adobe Digital Editions), Apple Devices (Through iBooks)  The Android platform will also be supported, though the format will be an interactive PDF due to device limitations.  We will provide a comparable experience on your devices.

How can I be involved?  While our roster is full for the 2015-16 school year, contact for future years work.

Will there be rollouts?  We are hoping to conduct some half day trainings regionally in August and early September.  These will be led by the writers themselves!  You'll get a walkthrough of the materials and leave with your own copy.  More details to follow (Via ListServ and website) as they become available.