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Consortium: IMC - KENT ISD 


About the E-rate Activity

A disparity exists in the cost of Internet connectivity for Michigan schools. Some regions pay in excess of 30 times what some urban and suburban schools pay for this critical component of high-stakes online assessment technology readiness.  Ensuring that all schools can afford to purchase the needed connectivity is a critical foundation for high-stakes assessments. This statewide project will ensure that every Michigan school receives the most competitive price possible for Internet access and connectivity.  As a result, schools will be able to acquire the bandwidth needed for online assessments and in turn, that will enhance the educational process year round.



  • Drive cost down as low as possible
  • Simplify E-Rate filing
  • Make sure all legal assurances are met
  • Exploit E-Rate to yield the most amount of benefits possible 

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New two-way E-Rate listserv, erateinfo

To subscribe, send an email to imailsrv@22itrig.org. In the body of the message, leaving the subject blank and with any signature deleted, enter in the message body "subscribe erateinfo YourFirstName YourLastName

For example:  

To:  imailsrv@22itrig.org
Message Body:
subscribe erateinfo Ann-Marie Mapes

To unsubscribe, send an email to imailsrv@22itrig.org, leaving the subject blank and with any signature deleted, enter in the message body:  "unsubscribe erateinfo YourFirstName YourLastName"

To:  imailsrv@22itrig.org
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unsubscribe erateinfo Ann-Marie Mapes

State of Michigan E-Rate Coordinator

Our consultant, E-Rate Central, has assumed the role of state coordinator for E-Rate.  They are available to help in all E-Rate related issues, particularly when dealing with the USAC Program Integrity Assurance staff.  You can contact them for this purpose at erate@michigan.gov.