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Data Hub Applications

Use the link below to log into the Michigan Data Hub:

The links below are available to navigate to a specific data hub cockpit or dashboard, although the launchpad link above is preferred.

Data Hub Links

Region Name Cockpit Dashboard
GMEC  Greater Michigan (Oakland Schools Hub) Cockpit Dashboard
IMC  Intra-Michigan (Wexford-Missaukee ISD Hub) Cockpit Dashboard
KENT  Kent Consortium (Kent ISD Hub) Cockpit Dashboard
RNMI  Rural Northern Michigan (REMC 1 Hub) Cockpit Dashboard
SWMI  Southwest Michigan (Kalamazoo RESA Hub) Cockpit Dashboard
QA  QA/Pilot Data Hub Cockpit Dashboard
ST  Staging Data Hub Cockpit Dashboard


Web Services Sandbox

The following pages are used for testing of the web services

Sample Ed-Fi Dashboards

The sample Michigan Data Hub Dashboards are available at

Login Information
Role Name Email Password
Superintendent Jorge Loftin Superintendent01
Principal Violet Leighton Principal01
Teacher Sueanne Bazan Teacher_01
Full Access Technology Director Tech_Mgr01






Basecamp Project Management & Collaboration System

The Data Integration Activity heavily uses Basecamp to manage communications with various stakeholders, including the Data Integration Advisory Committee, Data Hub Hosts, Development Planning Team, and Vendors.  Basecamp can be accessed at  Please contact Don Dailey at for access.